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Mariah Carey Accuses Ex-Assistant of Leaking Medical Records, Demands Extra $2 Million in Legal Battle

By Ryan Naumann

Mariah Carey is not pleased with her ex-assistant, who she believes leaked her private medical records to the press, and is now demanding she cough up an additional $2 million in court.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Carey is lodging new allegations against her former employee named Lianna Shakhnazaryan.

Carey and Shakhnazaryan are involved in dueling lawsuits, with the singer accusing her ex-assistant of trying to blackmail her with “intimate videos."

In newly filed documents, Carey says since she filed her lawsuit Shakhnazaryan has allegedly continued to breach their non-disclosure agreement.

She believes Shakhnazaryan or third parties at her direction have “disclosed non-public information concerning Mariah’s personal, medical, and professional affairs to the press.”

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Carey points to three stories published on an outlet during June 2019.

She writes, “The nature of the Confidential Information that was disclosed leaves no doubt that Azarian was behind the" stories.

The document states, “Mariah will not permit this blatant wrongdoing by Azarian or anyone else to continue. By this action, Mariah seeks to enforce her rights under the Non- Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement and recover damages, both compensatory and punitive, for the harm caused by Azarian.”


Carey is now seeking $5 million in damages, which is up from the $3 million she was first asking for in damages.

Giphy | Mariah Carey

Earlier this year, Mariah originally sued Lianna Shakhnazaryan, accusing her former assistant of trying to blackmail her for $8 million with “intimate videos” filmed without her permission.

The singer said she hired her in 2015 to be her personal assistant. She claims Shakhnazarian “turned out to be a grifter, a Peeping (Tom)asina and an extortionist.”


Shakhnazarian denies all allegations of wrongdoing and says any actions she took were in response to legitimate business necessities. In regard to any claim by Carey for emotional distress, Shakhnazarian says any alleged damage was caused by third parties and not her.

She even argues any mental or emotional injuries Carey claims were caused by the singer's own actions. Shakhnazarian claims the alleged damages may have been the result of pre-existing conditions.

The ex-assistant says Carey is not entitled to damages as a result of her own alleged "fraud or misrepresentation (whether intentional or negligent) perpetrated by her."

Shakhnazarian then hit Mariah along with Mariah’s former manager Stella Bulochnikov with her own lawsuit accusing the pop star of wrongful termination, whistleblower retaliation, and harassment.


Recently, Carey went to court pleading for a judge to quash subpoenas sent off by Stella seeking her private medical records in the case.

The singer also wanted Stella shut down in trying to get all communications between Stella, Nick Cannon, the ex-assistant Lianna Shakhnazaryan and other team members from 2015-2017. Carey

Stella specifically is looking for any discussion that was had regarding “Mariah Carey’s impaired mental status, impaired cognitive functioning, impaired perception, manic episodes, psychosis, and/or delusions.”

She also demanded Mariah turn over all communications between the team talking about “Mariah Carey’s alcohol consumption and/or use of marijuana, illegal drugs and/or narcotics” along with any alleged refusal to take medications and any information about the effects of “Mariah Carey’s Bipolar Disorder.”

The case is ongoing.

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