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Margot Robbie Gets Shock of Lifetime From Brother and Her Reaction is Everything

By TheBlast Staff

Margot Robbie got an epic surprise from her brother while promoting her new movie and her priceless reaction has got everyone talking.

While waiting for an interview to start with her "Peter Rabbit" co-star Elizabeth Debicki, Margot's little brother, Cameron Robbie, walked in and sat down in the interviewer chair.

Margot Robbie gets surprised by her brother

In complete shock, the actress immediately started screaming "OMG!" and "What's going on?"

Trying to keep her calm (as any brother would) Cameron simply replied, "This is a professional situation."

 Margot Robbie gets surprised by her brother

But Margot couldn't let it go. With tears in her eyes, she went straight into proud big sis mode.

"You're an interviewer on MTV!!" she gushed.

And that he is ... Cameron recently began appearing on the company's social media.

 Margot Robbie gets surprised by her brother

The interview ended with a big sibling hug and even Debicki got to join in!

See Margot's pure joy in the clip below:

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