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Meet the Amazing Bears from Discovery's 'Man Vs Bear'

Discovery Channel
By Gary Trock

A new series is premiering on Discovery Channel that will change all the rules on competition shows ... mainly because one of the contestants is a gigantic grizzly bear. "Man Vs. Bear" is an all-new reality competition that pits human contestants any a trio of powerful Grizzlies.

The Blast obtained a sneak peek of the show, which reveals contestants battling the bears in multiple contests, including sprints, climbing and tug-of-war. Judging by the preview, the human contestants deserve major props for even stepping foot in the arena with the giant bears.

The humans are interesting and surely have good backstories, but let's meet the real stars of "Man Vs. Bear" -- the bears!

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Discovery Channel

All 3 of the bears are owned by Doug and Lynne Seus of Wasatch Rock Mountain Wildlife in Herber City, Utah.

Bart was orphaned at 5 months old in the Alaskan wild when a poacher shot his mother. He was rescued by wildlife officials after a three-day search. He was named Bart after the famous Bart the Bear, who was also owned by the Seus.'

Bart the Bear was a Kodiak bear nominated for an Academy Award for his 1998 movie, "The Bear." He also starred in "White Fang," "Legends of the Fall" and "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins.

Original Bart the Bear / Jon Freeman Online USA

Bart was euthanized in 2000 at the age of 23 after being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing multiple surgeries. He is buried at the Sues' ranch and now lives on in with his successor, Bart 2.0.

Now 19 years old and 8 ft tall, Bart is ready to make a name for himself on "Man Vs. Bear" and is ready to dominate in multiple competitions. According to Discovery:

"At King of the Mountain, Bart hurls competitors into the water with his massive paws and jaws. At Brute Force, Bart rolls an impossibly heavy log down a course with ease. And finally, at Human Prey, the humans come face to face with Bart as he hurtles them down towards a crater in the earth. No Grizzly on the mountain can match Bart’s aggression and versatility. Bart is a literal can’t-miss spectacle on Man vs Bear."

Honey Bump

Discovery Channel

Honey Bump is also 19 years old and is the sister of Bart. She was rescued after their mother was shot by a poacher. The Seus' named her Honey Bump because she apparently ran everywhere and bumped into just about everything.

The Alaskan Brown Bear stands over 6 feet tall and weighs in at nearly 600 pounds. Honey Bump is described as "pure poetry in motion" and enjoys ballet, gymnastics and "terrorizing her brother."

Discovery says, "Now thriving on Bear Mountain, Honey Bump brings a level of ferocity and predatory instinct her male counterparts cannot match. Fueled by protective instincts, Honey Bump displays her uncanny speed on Grizzly Heights. Her pursuit of our humans fuels their run through the Grizzly Heights obstacle course and up a 42-foot tree. Look for her narrow shoulders and low center of gravity as she sends the humans into a frenzied panic."


Discovery Channel

The eldest bear on the mountain is Tank, a 24-year-old Grizzly who stands 7 ft tall and weighs over 850 lbs. He was adopted at six weeks old by a breeder from Wisconsin.

Tank's hobbies include "bird watching, yoga, and laying in dandelions." His specialty is eating mass quantities of food, and he can consume up to 30 lbs per day!

"Man Vs. Bear" premieres Wednesday, December 4 at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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