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'Man Vs Bear' Star Bart May Have Finally Met His Match During Intense Tug of War

Discovery Channel
By Gary Trock

The bears have been running the table against the human challengers on Discovery's "Man Vs. Bear" competition, but one of the bears may be in for more than he bargained for with his latest human competitor. In a sneak peek of this week's episode of "MVB," Kannon takes on Bart the bear in an epic bout of tug of war, in a challenge the show has dubbed, King of the Mountain.

Kannon is a formidable opponent, who the hosts of the show described as "colossal." He bench presses over 500 lbs and is apparently the strongest competitor they have ever featured on the show.

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King of the Mountain

Discovery Channel

"King of the Mountain looks crazy, but my style gives me an advantage over my competitors," Kannon says as he's seen walking up to grab the rope and take on Bart in test of true strength and determination. Kannon explains that he's played football, basketball and ran track.

He also claims that his occupation as a bodyguard has made him witness to "some of the worst things people can do," which he says has now made him "fearless."

"That's a big bear, man," as Bart also walks up to his starting area and takes hold of the rope.


Discovery Channel

The challenge will not be an easy one, as Discovery describes it as one of their most difficult:

"King of the Mountain Challenge is much more than a test of strength and grit for humans, it's a playground for the largest bear on Bear Mountain known as Bart. King of the Mountain challenge is an exercise for fun for Bart, he taps into his instincts to play."

As the challenge starts off, Kannon immediately gets low and tries to outmuscle Bart. However, the big bear hardly even notices the pull from his human counterpart and immediately yanks the rope in his direction. After trying to fend him off, Kannon is thrown from the platform and into the water.

Once again, Bart is the victor!


Discovery Channel

Bart the bear is 19 years old and stands over 8 ft tall.

According to Discovery:

"At King of the Mountain, Bart hurls competitors into the water with his massive paws and jaws. At Brute Force, Bart rolls an impossibly heavy log down a course with ease. And finally, at Human Prey, the humans come face to face with Bart as he hurtles them down towards a crater in the earth. No Grizzly on the mountain can match Bart’s aggression and versatility. Bart is a literal can’t-miss spectacle on Man vs Bear."

"Man Vs. Bear" premieres Wednesday, December 4 at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

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