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Mama June Ordered To Appear in Court Over Felony Drug Charge

By Ryan Naumann

Mama June has been ordered to show up in court next week or risk having an arrest warrant issued.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Alabama prosecutors have told Mama June and her boyfriend Eugene “Geno” Doak to appear in court on October 15.

The reality star will enter a plea to the felony drug possession charge. The court records do not list a lawyer for Mama June. The arraignment should be interesting given the reality star’s recent antics.

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Last month, a Grandy Jury came down with two charges for Eugene “Geno” Doak and June Shannon (Mama June).

They found that Mama June “did unlawfully possess a controlled substance-to-wit: Cocaine, in violation of” the law and “did unlawfully possess with intent to use in inject, ingest, inhale or otherwise introduce into the human body, drug paraphernalia, to-wit: a pipe” against the law.

The Blast

Back in March, Mama June and Geno were arrested by police in Macon County, Alabama. The cops were called after the two were arguing at a gas station.

The address listed on the court documents goes back to Mama June’s old house. The reality star sold off the Georgia pad recently.

We’re told her and Geno are still together, despite her family protesting and a court-ordered protective order in place.


Geno was hit with the same two charges. They both had bond set at $11,000 and were ordered to appear in court.

The drug possession charge is a felony, while the paraphernalia charge is a misdemeanor. They are both facing years in prison if convicted.

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