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Magic Johnson's Daughter Elisa's At-Home Haircut Is A Slam Dunk In Sultry Bob Pics

By Jeff Mazzeo

We know Elisa Johnson picked up mad skills from her dad but we didn't know she was a master with the scissors.

The 25-year-old daughter of NBA legend Magic Johnson showed off her new bob haircut on Monday and we're impressed! Elisa wore a blue, Dior halter top as she lounged in her comfy bed. She accessorized with blue lensed shades, most likely of her own design.

"Me featuring my DIY bob," she captioned her big hair reveal.

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Edna Mode Chic


Elisa's fans were blown away by her stylish cut and even more shocked that she did it herself.

"ate UP the hairdresser," one follower joked.

Some fans couldn't help but notice that she resembled the iconic character from the Pixar movie, "The Incredibles."

"Love you Edna mode," a fan pointed out.

The character, Edna, is an eccentric fashion designer that outfitted the superheroes in the film and Elisa is releasing her own sunglasses line so the comparison isn't that far off.

Those Eyes On You


While the young influencer was flaunting her haircut, she was also teasing her anxious fans with her cool shades.

"Gimme those glasses 😍," a demanding follower commented, while another asked, "Are these from your sunglasses line? 😍"

She revealed that she has been working on a glasses line behind the scenes back in July but her fans are still patiently waiting.

"For a few months now, I’ve been secretly working on my own eyewear capsule collection," she wrote on social media at the time.

"In life we sometimes struggle to find our purpose or don’t start something because we fear failure, but this is something that I am so very excited to announce!" Elisa continued. "Creating something that’s my own has been so incredibly meaningful and fulfilling to me."

Showing Off Her Scars


In 2018, Johnson and some friends were the victims of a home invasion while staying at an Airbnb in the San Fernando Valley. Months later, she built up the courage to show off the intense scars she received during incident. She kept quiet about her scarring before feeling strong enough to share them with the world.

“As women we tend to be very hard on ourselves. Months ago, I escaped from a home invasion and in the process I was left with intense scaring on my stomach,” Elisa wrote on social media at the time.

Not Afraid Anymore

"Until now I’ve been so afraid to show these scars, and incredibly insecure about the way I look. But I now realize these scars are a part of my journey, and tell the story of who I am,” she wrote in April 2019. “I love my body, and I am proud to be in the place I am today 😍 #selfhealing."

Since going public with her struggle, she received tons of support from her fans and has learned to embrace every single part about her.

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