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Machine Gun Kelly Goes Dark On Social Media After His Father Dies

By Jeff Mazzeo

Machine Gun Kelly is mourning the loss of his father and has decided to take a break from social media until the pain subsides.

On Sunday, the rapper revealed that his father had passed after being sick. The tragic loss happens to coincide with the one year anniversary of his critically acclaimed album, "Hotel Diablo." The star had planned to share some special memories about the album but he admitted that he has to take a break from the internet.

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MGK's Emotional Message


MGK, real name Colson Baker, addressed his pain in his final post before his much needed social media break.

"i had plans for the one year anniversary of Hotel Diablo today.‬.. ‪that album was everything i wanted to say and i know it’s close to my fans," he wrote.

Baker continued, "but my father took his last breath this morning, and ive never felt a pain this deep in my life.‬"

He ended his last post by announcing his plans and thanking his fans.

"‪i’m setting my phone down. ‬ ‪love you. thank you guys for everything."



MGk opened up about his father and their strained relationship back in December 2019. He sent out an emotional tweet about visiting him for the first time in years.

"flew out to see my dad today. broke down in my daughters arms when i saw him. I should’ve told him that I loved him years ago. breaks my f---in heart that we wasted all this time..."

Baker gave an interview to British GQ in July 2019 where he admitted to looking back at their relationship with the parent's perspective now that he has a daughter. "I don't know how he did it, and I get why it took us 25 years to finally get along."

Wanted To Apologize To His Dad


After becoming a father to 12-year-old Cassie, MGK was able to realize his shortcomings as a son and felt an apology was in order.

"I'd say sorry to my father," he told British GQ at the time. "I have such a rule-abiding, amazing daughter and I was such a rule-breaking, s--ty son. The legal fees, the tens of thousands of dollars from the times I got arrested, the finding out your son missed a whole semester of high school because he was waking up and pretending to go but never going."

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