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You'll Feel Chills Down Your Spine in New Trailer 'Servant' by M. Night Shyamalan

Gettyimages | Eugene Gologursky
By Gabriela Silva

M. Night Shyamalan has done it again with the trailer for a new web television series "Servant" set to premiere this month on the 28th. The new psychological thriller will make you think twice about who you bring into your home. Everything that seems normal is not exactly as they seem.

The new series created and written by Tony Basgallop and produced alongside M. Night will send chills down your spine. The series will air on Apple TV Plus.

The series follows a family who have hired a nanny to take care of their new infant son. Starring Toby Kebbell as Sean Turner, Lauren Ambrose as Dorothy Turner and Nell Tiger Free as Leanne Grayson (the nanny), the story follows the turmoil and fear of letting the wrong person into your home.

The plot shows a lot more than just a scary young nanny, but the psychological effects of loss. The trailer shows that the baby that you think is real actually is just a doll.

That' right, it becomes quite a shock when the husband Mr.Turner grabs the baby by the feet out of the crib as if it were nothing. Turns out the baby is a doll and is the only way for Mrs. Turner to cope with the loss of their child. But, it seems that she is not the only one dealing with psychological issues that people need to be wary of.

Giphy | Glass

Over the past years, M. Night has astounded audiences with his thriller films. 'Unbreakable' premed in 2000 with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. M.Night took the famous concept and hero's and villains and twisted it around to be something almost plausible in real life.

Many assumed this would be a solo film, but M.Night proved them wrong with 'Split' in 2016 starring James McAvoy. Many viewers had no idea that the films were connected until they looked deeper and stayed for the post-credit scene that blew everyone's mind.

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The film would be a continuation of another sequel film that became highly anticipated. M.Night made villains with real-life physical and psychological issues that made the imaginary world of comic books come to life.

The final film brought together the storyline of all three films into one epic thriller. 'Glass' premiered earlier this year and received high praise for its use of cinematography and its character portrayal.

M. Night's new series is sure to follow in the limelight of thriller plot lines and the feel of chills running down your spine.

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