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Luann de Lesseps Feels Sorry for Bethenny After Infamous Meltdown

By Gary Trock

Luann de Lesseps feels bad for her part in Bethenny Frankel's blowup on "Real Housewives of New York," but claims she shouldn't have been the target of Frankel's anger.

The Countess sat down with Chanel Omari on the "Chanel in the City" podcast to discuss the recent meltdown on "RHONY."

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Chanel in the City

"I felt horrible," Luann said, adding, "I mean it was horrible for her to unload all of her dirty laundry."

The reality star is referring to Frankel's blowup on the Bravo show, in which she screamed, "Every f---ing day it's about you! Every f---ing second it's about you!"

Frankel also admonished Luann for leaving rehab early, and told her, "Life is not a cabaret!" which was obviously a dig at Luann's touring show.

"I felt like the punishment didn't fit the crime," she admits, and believes Frankel's meltdown was due to her own personal issues and insecurities.

"It was just so over the top," Luann explained, adding that, "she just blew a gasket and that was that."

Frankel has already addressed her position on the argument, later appearing on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" to explain why she flew off the handle.

"There was a boiling point," Frankel admitted, adding that her meltdown was a reaction to many things, but she observed something in Luann, "that really triggered me. I had had it."

Frankel said she had helped pay for Luann's rehab treatment, and spent days outside the reality star's home trying to get her help, and was flabbergasted that Luann was not more "self aware."

The Skinny Girl creator also said the other housewives made it clear she did nothing wrong, but Frankel feels bad about becoming "unhinged."

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