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'Love & Hip Hop' Star Princess Love Looks Unbothered Following Ray J's Wendy Williams Interview

By Ryan Naumann

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Princess Love is showing off her baby bump following her estranged husband Ray J’s sit down with Wendy Williams.

Princess posted a stunning shot of herself in a sleek black dress showing off her growing bump. She is expected to welcome her second child in January. She looks completely unbothered following Ray J talking to Wendy about their troubles.

Ray J gave his first interview to Wendy Williams following his messy marriage drama. He denied accusations he cheated on Princess.

He said “No, I would never. “I love you Princess and again look it didn’t happen like that. I would never leave my baby and my wife. I would die first before I leave them.”

Ray said publicly, “But look, she’s right, I’m not even going to defend it. I was wrong.” He told Wendy he was done with Las Vegas and no longer wants to move his family.

“I wanted to stay [live] in Vegas and she wanted to stay in LA as far as buying a house and stuff,” he said on the show, before noting, “I’m done with Vegas, I hate Vegas, I’m done — never again.” “I have to compromise and do better. I have to do better and understand that my wife is pregnant and I have to think a little more wiser,” he said.

Ray J said he needs to work on a few things within himself in hopes of saving their marriage. Princess has claimed she is ready to file for divorce and end it all.

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Wendy Williams grilled him, “Are you a faithful man or is it an open marriage?” Ray J denied their relationship was an open marriage.

“It would never be like that. I would never get married if it wasn’t super locked between us. What we have to work on is keeping our circle tight with just me her and our baby.” Wendy asked why his wedding ring was off in photos. He said, “My hands were ashy. I had to put some lotion on. When I got up to the gate, I didn’t have any lotion and boom, right there, they got the picture. When you’re black and you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom and you’re ashy.”


The sit-down comes after the two were spotted together last week. The two had been fighting publicly for days until finally reconciling in Los Angeles.

The whole fight turned public when Princess accused Ray of leaving her eight months pregnant and stranded in Vegas.

She said, “Left me and Melody stranded in Vegas and blocked me from calling.. now you wanna post family photos 😂 #ByeUgly.”

She said, “Yes I can fly home..I have my own money. But my car is here and I don’t want to drive back alone with my daughter because I’m over 8 months pregnant and I don’t even want to have to stop for gas or go into labor with all of this human trafficking going on…”

Princess said, “A man will have a whole wife, kid and baby on the way and start an argument. Just to go to his other hotel room to party with escorts and strippers. What’s in the dark always comes to light. SMH.”

Ray J and Princess got married back in August 2016. Their daughter Melody was born in May 2018. The two aren’t the only “Love & Hip Hop” star fighting publicly.

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