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Nicki Minaj's Ex Safaree Stands By His Pregnant Wife Erica Mena Amid Anti-Vaccination Heat

By Ryan Naumann

“Love & Hip Hop” star Safaree Samuels is sticking by his wife Erica Mena, amid the heat she is catching after revealing she won’t vaccinate her baby.

Safaree took to Instagram to post a photo with Erica and their new dog. She wrote, “Our fur baby 😍 He has us very busy. And is very attached to Safaree already.”

The post comes days after Erica was ripped by fans for her anti-vaccinate beliefs. Erica and Safaree are expecting a baby girl very soon.

Erica has been pushing her anti-vaccination on social media for weeks. She first made the announcement of her controversial decision on Instagram.

She published a text conversations with her 11-year-old son King Conde. Her son can be seen pleading with his mom to change her mind. He believed his soon-to-be born baby sister should get her vaccines.

King said, “just admit youre wrong and give up” and Mena said, “Don’t talk to your mother like this is disrespectful and not gonna be tolerated.”

He added, “oh, I’m sorry for wanting my baby sister to live as healthy as possible. While youre convinced ignoring what right for her is fine? Im sorry for possibly being disrespectful but im only being that way because im passionate about this. I love you.” She ended by saying, “Look at you being a great big brother. I can’t for her to get here so you can defend her with all your might.” She wrote about the text conversation, “My son King is not letting up on his reasons why we should vaccinate the baby.”

Safaree has not spoken about Erica’s decision but he is still standing by her. For her part, Erica has continued to reposting videos from anti-vaccine groups.

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Fans have trashed Erica writing, “I feel sorry for the child. She has no idea what these diseases can do to the child i.e.measles, mumps, and god forbid Polio. They can leave life time of medical problems for the child. Not to smart. The value she feels in this situation are fears for herself not her child. Thank heaven she isn't my mother.”

Another commented, “No problem, just keep your kid away from the rest of the population at all times.”


One said, “I vaccinate my child? Why? Because I don't want my kid to die, or contract mumps and never have the option of having children of his own. Vaccines are not the cause of autism. That myth was debunked years ago, but people trying to find reasons to not vaccinate their kids have brought it back like there's truth to it. But whatever you believe, I think the question should be this? Would I rather have a child who's alive, and who might have autism, or would I rather be the parent to a child who died from an infection disease that could've been prevented?”

Earlier this month, Samuels and Mena reportedly tied the knot in front of reality show cameras. Samuels is famous for dating Minaj on and off for 12 years and then going on to star on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

Nicki Minaj dropped a bombshell on her fans announcing her own marriage to Kenneth Petty.

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