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Producers for Louis C.K.'s 'I Love You, Daddy' Tracking Down Movie Pirates

By TheBlast Staff

Louis C.K.'s unreleased movie has been available online for the better part of the day, and now the producers are trying to locate the source of the torrents and shut them down.

Sources at The Orchard tell The Blast they have been working to identify the multiple torrent sites currently hosting the leaked screener of "I Love You, Daddy" but have not yet started to "take action."

We're told the production company's in-house counsel has been specifically tasked with researching all the information regarding the leak.

As we previously reported, the piracy group Hive-CM8 has claimed responsibility for distributing the screener, but they're not easy to contact.

Hive-CM8 is the same group that also leaked "The Hateful Eight," "Creed" and "Joy" during last year's screener season.

The group said they released the disgraced comedian's film because, "it would be a waste to let a great Louis C.K. go unwatched and nobody can even see or buy it.”

It's unclear what type of legal action The Orchard, or Louis himself, will raise with those responsible for the leak, but similar incidents have lead to wide-scale investigations and even prosecutions.

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