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Louis C.K. Reclaims Seat at Legendary 'Comics' Table' As He Mulls Return to Stage

By TheBlast Staff

Louis C.K. wants to get back in the spotlight but isn't sure how he will be received by the public and his fellow comedians, so he quietly tested the water earlier this week by holding court at the most coveted table in all of comedy.

Louis stopped by the Olive Tree Cafe Monday night in NYC and hung out for several hours. Olive Tree is the restaurant and hangout spot located above the famed Comedy Cellar, and also where Louis is basically held in the same regard as royalty. We're told the bar was closed off while Louis was inside so he wasn't bombarded by anybody that may have spotted him out.

In Olive Tree there exists as table permanently reserved for comics who perform at the Cellar, and at any night could be feature the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart and many other legendary comedy talents.

On Monday night, comedian Joe List, who opened for Louis in 2016, performed at the Comedy Cellar. We're told Louis stopped by to check out his friend, and then hung out for a couple hours with him at the comics' table upstairs. We're told the two were also joined by comedian Michelle Wolf. Witnesses tell us the pair were excited to catch up with Louis because he has remained distant since the story broke regarding his sexual misconduct.

Sources tell The Blast the former FX star is itching to get back on stage -- he obviously has a lot to talk about and get off his chest -- but he's worried about how people, including other comedians, will treat him. He's slowly beginning to emerge back out in public and has been seen a few times this week walking around the city.

It's unclear when he will step back on stage, but returning to the comic's table is a pretty good indication it may be soon.


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