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Lorde is speaking up against racism.

Lorde, Other Celebrities Stand With Protestors In Black Lives Matter Movement

Gettyimages | Kai Schwoerer
By Emily Reily

As protests against George Floyd's death and police brutality continue across the nation, Lorde is stepping up.

The singer and songwriter wrote a newsletter about her experience attending a Black Lives Matter protest, and the newsletter was shared across various sites. Lorde says she went to a protest in Auckland, New Zealand but also talked about her role as a white person.

She said she recognizes it's hard to balance “self-serving social media displays and true action,” and added that “that white silence right now is more damaging than someone’s wack protest selfie."

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Lorde is expressing her support for Black Lives Matter.
Instagram / Lorde

In her message, she wanted to caution against "performative activism" "predominantly by white celebrities (like me)." But she advocated for white people to speak up when it's appropriate and to do a lot more listening to what people of color have been undergoing.

“So let me be clear, this ongoing systemic brutality by police is racist, it’s sickening and it’s unsurprising," Lorde says.

Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Lorde said because her music has been shaped, “inspired by and in conversation with hip-hop," that it's her responsibility to speak up.

The singer also said other musicians “who have tightened a snare to make it more trap, who’ve drawn a pattern of high hats in ProTools because they heard something similar in a hip-hop song and it made them feel big and cool” really do have a “responsibility to let our affected listeners know that we’re with them when it’s hard too, not just when it’s easy. Not just when we benefit. We see you, and we’re here.”

Lorde: "We have a responsibility."

Lorde added:

“To my black and brown listeners — I’m so sorry this is your reality, that you haven’t had a choice but to be defined by this, to give it your energy. I’m aware of that tax on you. I hope white people you know are doing what they can to ease your load. And I really, really hope systems will change to better protect you.”

Jane Fonda is again advocating activism during the BLM movement.
Jane Fonda / Twitter

The singer has joined a growing list of celebrities who are speaking up as marches continue in places like DC, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Beyonce put out a video statement about George Floyd's murder, and John Cusack tweeted about getting beat up with a baton because he was filming events at the protest he was attending. And Jane Fonda is also back on the front lines, as she has been since the '60s.

While some celebrities have tried to use their platform for good, other people aren't so pleased with the rest of Hollywood and its actions.

@vella65569318 tweeted: "Celebs that aren't supporting BLM are supporting racism."

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