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Logan Paul's Parrot Was Eaten by His Dog

By Chad Weiser

Its a sad day for Logan Paul after losing someone very close to him in a violent accident.

The YouTube star announced to his 19 million followers that his beloved pet parrot, Maverick, has died.

Not only did Maverick perish, but he was eaten by Paul's massive dog, Ginger.

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Logan delivered a touching message, writing,

"i hate this post so much and i hate that i have to do this but i believe i owe it to y’all after the years of continuous and relentless support... the iconic @MaverickParrot has died."

Paul continued, "After being with me every day for 7 years, since before I even started Vine, Maverick passed while I was away in Sweden. And by passed, I mean, he was eaten by my Mastiff, who mistook him for a small rubber chicken."

Paul wrote that, "This little bird inspired so much of what I do, he was my best friend, he’s the inspiration behind the @MaverickByLoganPaul icon worn proudly by millions of people around the world, and as bizarre as it sounds, this little parrot’s legacy will live on FAR beyond his life."*


Logan shared Maverick often with all 19 million subscribers on his YouTube page.

Maverick also had his own social media page and had amassed over 1 million followers.

R.I.P. Maverick, we hope you get lots of crackers in heaven.


In dealing with the loss, Paul admits, "I’m not sure where to go from here or how to handle this because it’s symbolic to me in so many ways, but for all the Mavericks out there who continue to see life through the lens of possibility, who continue to persevere and embrace their differences, I have never-ending love and optimism for you. Maverick will always be with us in spirit, and he will forever hold the largest piece of my heart. Stay strong & I will too."

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