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Logan Marshall-Green Served His Wife Divorce Papers With Fake Flower Delivery Two Days After Her Birthday

By TheBlast Staff

Logan Marshall-Green was so cold-hearted in serving his estranged wife with divorce papers, the actor hired a process server who pretended to deliver flowers two days after her birthday.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Diane Marshall-Green is now asking the court for temporary support while their divorce is pending, along with $75,000 to pay her attorneys.

She claims to have raised their two kids for the majority of the time while Logan was “absent for weeks or months at a time (for work and for personal vacations).”

Diane believes he has already earned $775,000 this year and will be paid another $400,000 for a TV show called “Shadowplay,” along with $375k for work on a videogame "Telling Lies."

She also claims Logan served her with divorce paper, with a fake flower delivery man, two days after her birthday and in front of their kids.

She explains, "On April 14, 2019, someone rang the doorbell of our former family residence. Tennessee ran to the door and yelled, 'Mommy, the police are here!' I went to the door and a man was outside with flowers and papers. I opened the door, the man handed me the flowers, smiled and stated, 'I am supposed to tell you 'Happy birthday.' When I looked at the papers, I saw it was a Petition for Dissolution led by Respondent. Our Minor Children witnessed me crying while I viewed the papers and they were extremely distraught. I would never have done that to Respondent if I knew the minor children would be present and I specifically chose not to do so."

Diane is demanding the support, saying she can’t continue to pay her bills without it.

As The Blast first reported, Diane filed for divorce from Logan-Marshall Green following seven years of marriage.

Green and his wife have two children together and after filing for divorce, she took to social media and accused her husband of being unfaithful.

She then lashed out at “Flesh and Bone” actress and ballerina Sarah Hay, and said, “beware of the faux woman champion,” adding, “those girls don’t care about sleeping with a married father of two. Peace and Love, thanks for letting me share.”

A week later, Logan Marshall-Green filed his own divorce petition, gearing up for a court battle with his estranged wife. They both list the date of marriage as December 12, 2012 and list the date of separation as “to be determined."

But the two differ when it comes to custody of their two children – Diane is seeking sole physical custody, while Logan wants joint custody.

Diane wants spousal support but Logan doesn’t agree, she also wants him to pay her legal fees.

Green, who starred in “24,” and “The O.C.,” and most recently appeared in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Upgrade,” just premiered his directorial debut, “Adopt a Highway,” starring Ethan Hawke.

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