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LL Cool J Criticizes President Trump's Response To Protests: 'America Needs Heart Surgery'

By Jeff Mazzeo

LL Cool J is not happy with President Trump's response to the protests happening across the country.

The legendary rapper made his opinions known on Wednesday when he tweeted his feelings. He didn't mention the 45th President by name but based on his words, it was clear that his message was about Trump. His strong opinion comes just one day after he urged his followers to get out and vote in the local elections that went down in several states on June 2.

Scroll down to see his tweet.

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'America Needs Heart Surgery'


Like all great lyricists, LL used a metaphor to express his feelings about the President's reactions to America's problems.

"This guy walks around with a hammer and sees every problem as nail. But America needs heart surgery. You can’t perform heart surgery with hammer...." the actor wrote.

He also addressed the President's habit of calling unfavorable news fake.

"Calling something fake doesn't make it fake!!! Those batons tear gas canisters and rubber bullets are hitting real people!!!!"

His Powerful Rap


Earlier this week, the artist put out a powerful rap that wrapped up all his anger over the murder of George Floyd.

"For 400 years, you've had your knees on our necks, a garden of evil with no seeds of respect," the rapper began his poem.

He continued to express that he has been dealing with systematic racism since he grew up and not much has changed.

"God only knows how deep this plan goes, I was dealing with this s--- as a teen in Kangols."

Using His Voice


For the past week, LL Cool J has become increasingly active on social media to voice his frustration with what he sees as a lack of justice because the other officers on the scene when Floyd was murdered still walk free.

"You may not like what I have to say! But I won’t hide from you and avoid you during this moment I’m here!" he tweeted out promoting a IG live appearance. "I’m willing to go live and share my platform with anyone that wants to express themselves. we can we can agree or agree to disagree."

Blacked Out But Not Silenced


LL Cool J participated in Tuesday's blackout on social media but broke his silence to encourage his followers to vote in their local elections. He used #blackouttuesday and included a fist ✊🏾 emoji to show his solidarity.

"Local elections happening today!!! June 2, 2020 ! In Washington, DC Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rohde Island, South Dakota & Delaware," he wrote at the time to let his fans know.

It will not come as a surprise if he comes out against Trump during the November elections.

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