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Lizzo Refusing To Pay Royalties To Songwriters Claiming Credit For 'Truth Hurts'

By Ryan Naumann

Lizzo is firing back at the two men who claim they cowrote the hit song “Truth Hurts” and is asking the court to dismiss their suit.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Lizzo is moving to dismiss the countersuit filed by Justin and Jeremiah Raisen.

Lizzo is suing the two over songwriting credit on “Truth Hurts.” Justin & Jeremiah claim they helped co-write the song but Lizzo says that’s BS. She is asking the court to order the songwriters have no claim to the song. They countersued demanding she pay them royalties and give them credit.

In newly filed documents, Lizzo says, “This Court should dismiss Defendants’ opportunistic and legally bankrupt claim for a declaration that Defendants jointly authored and jointly own the musical composition “Truth Hurts.” Defendants’ pleading makes abundantly clear what Lizzo has maintained from the start: neither Justin nor Jeremiah Raisen nor Yves Rothman had any involvement in the creation of “Truth Hurts.”

Lizzo admits having worked with Justin & Jeremiah in the past. She claims the line at the center of the dispute “I just took a DNA test, I’m 100% that bitch” was written solely by her.

She asking the court to dismiss all claims against her and move her case forward.

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Back in October, Lizzo filed a lawsuit against songwriters, Justin and Jeremiah Raisen, asking the court to intervene.

In the suit, Lizzo said the songwriters were running around claiming they wrote parts of her hit song “Truth Hurts.” The singer claimed this was nonsense and asked a judge to help her out.

Lizzo’s lawsuit is seeking a court order declaring the songwriters have no copyright on the hit song nor are they entitled to profits. Prior to the suit being filed, Justin Raisen publicly claimed he cowrote a song named “Healthy” with Lizzo in 2018. He accused Lizzo of taking the line “I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that bitch” and using it in “Truth Hurts.”


In her lawsuit, Lizzo claims the line was actually inspired by a 2017 tweet that became a popular meme. She claims a producer named Ricky Reed is the only other person in the room when she wrote “Truth Hurts.”

She claimed the songwriters already acknowledged in writing they have no claim to the hit song. She believes they are trying to cash in on her success.

The songwriters countersued Lizzo demanding they be credited as songwriters along with royalties. They trashed Lizzo saying if it wasn’t for their work, “Lizzo would never have collected her Grammy Award,” for best pop solo performance.

Justin and Jeremiah Raisen included text messages with Lizzo’s producer Ricky Reed. The producer allegedly text the songwriters after the song became a huge success. Reed seemed to understand their issues and wanted to have the dispute “resolved.”

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