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A Raunchy New Interview

In a hilarious new interview, musical sensation Lizzo makes some raunchy jokes about her friendship with fellow pop star Harry Styles. Lizzo chatted with KISS Breakfast's Tom & Daisy and she spilled the tea about any upcoming collabs: "the collab happened last night." The "Truth Hurts" singer then burst out laughing explaining that she had "too many inappropriate jokes."

Host Tom Green quipped "That is like my ideal dating scenario, Lizzo and Harry Styles together," before Lizzo took the joke to the next level.

"We collabed. His d--k in my a--hole. I’m just kidding."

Is A Real Collab On The Way?

However, Lizzo buckled down and got serious about her admiration for Styles and explained how excited she was to see him perform at the Brit Awards.

"I’m excited to see Harry’s performance cause I’m such fan. I’m such a fan of Fine Line (Harry’s second studio album) so I can’t wait to see what he does. So no, we won’t be collaborating."

It's not insane to ask whether or not Lizzo and Styles would be collaborating. The two of them broke the internet in a duet of Lizzo's "Juice" and she went on to cover his "Adore You" as well.

An Adorable Friendship

Giphy | BRIT Awards

Lizzo also admitted that out of everyone nominated at the Brit Awards, she was pulling for Styles.

"You know I love Harry Styles. I love Harry, so I hope Harry wins."

If she's not dating Styles (cross those fingers!), what does Lizzo's dating life look like? She recently told ET:

"My DMs are more poppin' than my p---y, I'll tell you that much. This guy tried to holler at me at the bar last night and for some odd reason, I just wasn't feeling it. I don't know what it is now, but you can't just be like, 'You ordering all those drinks by yourself? I'll help you carry those drinks. Excuse me.' Like, I feel like I need something else."

What's It Like Dating As Lizzo?

Giphy | Lizzo

Lizzo explained that fame really had changed how dating since she's hit the A-list.

"No one tried to holler at me before all this s**t, so if you're trying to holler at me now, I don't trust it. There's gotta be something real about you, or you gotta be fine as hell, either or. No shade to the guy last night but he didn't meet that criteria.

I definitely understand more and more why famous people be f--king, because it's such an interesting world. I think it's hard to understand what it's like to have a connection with somebody outside of all of this s--t. Famous people connect with millions of people at a time and everybody is in love with them and everybody wants you and everybody wanna smash and everybody wanna be your best friend, so it's really hard to kind of cipher through the bulls--t and find the real people. But, I mean, even famous people can be bulls--tters, so I don't know. I might just have to marry myself again."

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