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Lizzo's Outfit That Exposed Her Whole Backside Has Social Media Buzzing

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Clark Sparky

Lizzo sat courtside a the Timberwolves vs. Lakers basketball game in L.A. on Sunday, and her outfit had everyone talking. From the front it appeared she was wearing a normal black t-shirt dress, but on the back the entire butt area was cutout exposing her whole backside. At one point, the Jumbotron panned to Lizzo and she turned around to dance, exposing herself to the arena.

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People on social media had strong opinions about the outfit.

"Lizzo’s outfit was RAGGEDY AF and that’s THAT. Don’t gotta say nothing bout “kids” or “family event” like no! Stop. Say it witcha CHEST: the shirt and its WAZE bootyhole shortcut was a NO!" one user wrote.

"Regardless of Lizzo’s weight, being in a public place where there’s families and kids with your WHOLE ass out is indecent and y’all know this. You’re just being dense for the sake of being dense," another wrote.

"“I used to Stan Lizzo but she’s doing way too much. Sis why is your ass out at a lakers game? Like u going to sit on the ppl seats bare assed in a thong? There’s a way to represent your tribe, THIS AINT IT!”" someone else said.

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Some did defend the musician, however.

"Lizzo is only annoying because she is doing things you deem unacceptable from women that look like HER. People need to reflect on what they’re saying, especially the so-called “body-pos” lovers. We love giving people conditions for our comfort. How arrogant," one person tweeted.

"Let’s be honest with ourselves: Professional cheerleaders are typically half-dressed and performing dance routines at professional sporting events. It has never been cause for national panic. We see Lizzo’s outfit and behavior as 'indecent' because of the body she exists in," another added.

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