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Lizzo Flashes Her Rump While Encouraging Fans To Give Themselves Some Tough Self-Love

By Jeff Mazzeo

Lizzo has very strict instructions to ensure you have a good day!

The "Like A Girl" singer told her fans to pull up their fanciest pair of knickers and give yourself a pat on the back backside. The flutist was feeling frisky on Monday night and made sure her millions of fans got a good look at the full moon. The star a tight black top and black panties that had sultry hip cutouts to show off a little more skin.

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Yes Ma'am


"Put on some cute panties today and smack ur own a--," she wrote in the caption of her post.

The "Truth Hurts" artist has always been very free with her body but she may be a little bit of a masochist based on her unique recipe for having a good day. Several fans enjoyed the pic and the message and let her know that they would be following in her footsteps today.

"amen! ain’t no one else smacking it so i’ll do it my damn self!" one enthusiastic fan commented.

Love It Or Hate It


Lizzo's platform seems to be an interesting combination of self-love and body acceptance. The star constantly encourages people to love themselves and shows off how much she loves herself and her body online. Let's just say she loves herself a lot. The positive message mixed with her sexuality seems to rub some people the wrong way while others totally feel her vibe.

"You should be ashamed of yourself by thinking this is health and telling young girls that," one follower criticized.

There were thousands of stans that had her back though. "Imagine actually having the audacity to shame someone else’s body, haters ain’t wasting anybody’s time but their own lizzos the queen of self love," a supportive fan wrote.

Her Birthday Wish


She just celebrated her 32nd birthday last month on April 27 and she only had one wish... well two wishes.

"It’s my birthday, the best gift would be... say something nice about yourself in my comments and shake that a-- ho 🥰," she joked in the caption of her birthday post.

We are starting to pick up on her theme. We don't know if there is a huge musical artist that encourages twerking as much as Lizzo.

Getting Back To Music


Since Lizzo has been stuck at home during these crazy times, she has started experimenting with music during her free time. She's already a master flutist, an amazing singer, and a super talented songwriter but she recently started practicing with a drum machine. It won't be long before she adds super dope producer to her resume.

"Gotta get back to my joy.. gotta get back to music.. first ever jam on my new drum machine.. I promise imma get better at this 🙏🏾," she wrote on social media.

Okay, it might be longer than we thought for her to become the next Dr. Dre.

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