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How You Feelin'

Giphy | 2019 MTV Video Music Awards

We've all seen Lizzo twerk, but we've never seen Lizzo twerk on Eddie Murphy - until now.

Murphy, Kenan Thompson and Lizzo all appeared in two new promo ads for this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live." Both are good, but one is especially good as hell.

Murphy announces the singer as the musical guest, and she gets so excited that she decides to twerk on him, just a bit.

Surely it's all scripted, but it's still fun to watch.

We've All Seen This Movie


Lizzo is apparently a huge fan of the comedian, because at one point she mutters "Hercules, Hercules," which is the catchphrase from Murphy's movie The Nutty Professor, in which he plays like 50 different characters.

Kenan Thompson is probably just glad to be a part of the promo. "Eddie Murphy and Lizzo... thank you Santa Claus," Thompson says.

Lizzo Will Do Whatever She Damn Wants

Giphy | AMAs

Lizzo has always been a tad controversial. An example was that time she wore a thong to a Lakers / Timberwolves game.

Some people were upset that she would bare so much bum, while others thought it was great that she could be so open about her body. It doesn't matter which side you land on, since Lizzo will play the world's smallest violin for your concerns about her wardrobe choices.

See If He Cares

Giphy | EditingAndLayout

And Murphy has never been without his share of bad publicity. As The Guardian writes, it took quite a while for the comedian to apologize for the homophobic jokes he said back in the '80s. He had to hunker down for awhile and keep a low profile, but he did return, and now he's better than ever.

Baring It All


He's announced a return to standup, starred in the Netflix movie Dolemite Is My Name, and is finally coming back to host "Saturday Night Live," after 35 years away.

This is not to say that Lizzo needs to apologize for anything she's done; just to say that celebrities' lives in the spotlight are full of peaks and valleys.


Murphy's movie career rivals his success on the stage. He first made an impact in 48 Hours, in which he starred with Nick Nolte. Later came Beverly Hills Cop, which was a hugely popular movie.

More recently, he voiced some hilarious characters - like Donkey in Shrek and Mushu in Mulan. It seems he can do almost anything.

Sure, sometimes his movies are complete duds, but overall, if you're watching an Eddie Murphy movie, it's a good bet there will be some laughs in your future.

"Saturday Night Live" airs on NBC at 11:30 p.m. Eastern.

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