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'Live PD' Host Dan Abrams Says His Show Was Not 'Cops', Speaks About Destroying Javier Ambler Death Footage

By Ryan Naumann

Live P.D. host Dan Abrams is speaking out about his hit cop show being canceled in the wake of growing protests following George Floyd’s murder.

Abrams appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the network’s decision to ax his show. Many took issue with the way black people were portrayed on the show and took issue with editing.

The host started off wanting to make it clear his show was nothing like “Cops.” He said, “I think we really need to distinguish “Cops” from “Live P.D.” He said “Cops” was a show that provided a highlight reel of moments that happened in police life. Abrams said “Cops” received a ton of complaints about the way they edit their footage. Abrams denied “Live P.D.” received the same sort of backlash from viewers.


Abrams was adamant they could not edit the footage since they showed the beginning, middle, and end of a story. He spoke about the show having a diverse staff and group of police officers.

The host seemed upset with the cancelation saying he hoped the show could have been a great venue for a national discussion at this time.

He was pressed about the show actually being live during the interview. He said the delay usually ranged from 5 minutes to 25 minutes but was only to protect people’s identities, undercover agents, and other things meant to be confidential.


When he was grilled about giving police discretion of what aired on “Live P.D.”, Abrams admitted to letting the police have some say of what was cut from the broadcast. He claimed the producers always had final say despite any police complaints. He said police would often complain about certain clips making air

Abrams was then questioned about the death of Javier Ambello, who died in police custody, which was filmed for “Live P.D.” but never shown on air. Ambello’s family was furious the footage was erased by producers. Abrams said they had a policy of erasing footage after a couple of weeks. They did not want to hold onto videos forever.

Abrams admitted to making a mistake in the Ambello case by not turning over the footage. He said, “I think there should have been an exception to the rule, we got too caught up in the standards.”

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