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Liv Tyler Shows Off Pricey 'Lord of The Rings' Collector's Items Wasting Away in Her Attic

By Whitney Vasquez

Liv Tyler is showing that money doesn't matter because she's letting her "Lord of The Rings" memorabilia collect dust in her attic.

The actress showed off several pricey collector's items she's kept locked away for years and her items are worth loads of cash.

Collecting Dust:


The private show was given to Architectural Digest, who showcased Liv's New York City home.

What they probably didn't expect was to find several memorabilia and limited edition items from her major movies still boxed up in a place the actress clearly never goes.

Among those items were several high-priced "Lord of The Rings" collector's items.

Special Edition:


Still packaged, Liv showed off her never been touched Arwen doll.

This rare white dress action figure costs a pretty penny, with asking prices on eBay skyrocketing up to $1,200.

"Lulu would die if she saw this. I haven't shown this to her because it's rotting away in my attic," she stated referring to her daughter and clearly not grasping how rare these items are.

Collector's Items:


She also has a wrapped up special edition Frodo doll, but that one's not as pricey as her Barbie.

Unlike Liv's action figure, this doll can be found online ranging from $20 and up.

The actress also has two deluxe horse and rider sets from "Lord of The Rings."

Collectively, those will only produce about $80.

Other Junk:

Liv's "Lord of The Rings" collector's items aren't the only hot things collecting dust in her attic.

She also showed off her first driver's license and what she took from the set of "The Strangers."

New Project:

No doubt, Liv will keep adding to her attic collection after she's done filming her new project.

She was recently cast to star in a spin-off of Ryan Murphy's hit show, "911."

Liv will star alongside Rob Lowe in "911: Lone Star," which is set to air Jan. 19, 2020.

We also can't wait to see what she swiped from her movie with Brad Pitt, "Ad Astra."

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