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ABC Exec Responds To Negative Feedback From 'Little Mermaid Live!'

Gettyimages | Cindy Ord
By Emily Reily
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ABC finally aired its "The Little Mermaid Live!" live-action/animated hybrid production Tuesday night.

The show combined scenes from the 1989 film with live performances of musical numbers from stars like Halle Bailey as Ariel and Queen Latifah as Ursula.

But "Little Mermaid Live!" has received mixed reviews. Some of the criticism has come from Shaggy's performance as Sebastian, though it wasn't necessarily about his singing.

The Lack Of Claws Really Got To People


People were raw about Shaggy's visual portrayal of the lobster (or crab, whichever you prefer).

To start with, his outfit just wasn't up to par. Shaggy wore a red jacket and pants and arrived sans claws. What kind of lobster/crab in The Little Mermaid doesn't have claws?

"So little mermaid play was cool... but uhm shaggy was too cool to at least wear claws or sumn? He the only one without a costume... that was wack on his part," wrote @ToneLopez6.

"How is wearing a red jacket and red pants suddenly make him a crab? They should have at least given him claws or something," said @Hypnotique89.

ABC Exec Responded

Giphy | ABC Network

Robert Mills, senior vice president of Alternative Series, Specials & Late-Night Programming for ABC, picked up on the negativity and responded to the Sebastian backlash.

Mills says they did try crab claws on Shaggy and apparently, "it looked ridiculous."

The Animated Sebastian Wore It Best

Giphy | Disney

Mills was so irritated that he posted a picture of Shaggy backstage with said claws. Who would have even seen those little gloves?

Sebastian's claws in the animated film were much larger than that, but that's part of why we like him. Sebastian's personality IS his claws. Why not lean into it?

People responded to the picture, saying that no, the claws were the right move.

"He actually looked great with the claws. It was the least thing you could have done," tweeted @Millsy11374.

"There was nothing wrong with the claws. It's a costume. They were appropriate. If anything, they could have been bigger," said @DeltaB00.

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