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No Parking Zone


A restaurant that's sometimes featured in "Vanderpump Rules" had a visit from a speedy sports car over the weekend.

According to TMZ, a Ferrari sports car "slammed through" a glass door near the patio at Pump, Lisa Vanderpump's West Hollywood bar and eatery, during Sunday brunch. According to a representative: “We are very lucky that everyone else was uninjured and safe while dining during Sunday brunch.”

One woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries. She was “slightly injured and taken to the hospital with cuts." The Los Angeles County Fire Department was at the scene.

Minor Traffic Trouble


TMZ writes that according to Ken Todd, Lisa Vanderpump's husband, the driver was cut off on the road and swerved into the restaurant.

Drugs and alcohol are not being considered a factor in the crash, and the driver is apparently cooperating with police.

Vanderpump has another restaurant, SUR, which plays a bigger role in her show "Vanderpump Rules." She has several seasons of that show under her belt. SUR stands for "Sexy Unique Restaurant."

Giphy | T. Kyle

Vanderpump had a good comeback after the crash, writing "No. We are not a Drive-Thru," adding, "Thank God no one was hurt."

And of course people had their own car- and Vanderpump-related comments.

"Clearly they didn’t know how to “pump” the breaks LVP" wrote @EvanSeven.

Another person thought maybe the crash was show-related.

"What car does Lisa Rinna drive?" asked @coleslay1, referring to Vanderpump's co-star on "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills," but @AleSan3308 said the Ferrari was "Too expensive for Rinna."

No, It's Not Her

Giphy | Slice

It's true that Rinna and Vanderpump do not get along. In March, People reported that Rinna was seeking legal action against Vanderpump after Vanderpump said she might consider a spinoff involving her pet foundation, Vanderpump Dogs.

At that time, Rinna told Vanderpump on social media: “If this indeed becomes another show, my lawyer will be calling.”


The two had been fighting since Rinna claimed Vanderpump was arranging storylines, though Vanderpump denied it. Rinna made no apologies for her actions, saying on her Instagram story:

“I’m a hustler. I make no bones about that. I think you get paid for what you do. So my feeling is if we indeed are servicing a spin off, we should be paid for it.”

Still, it's far-fetched to think that Rinna was in any way involved in this crash.

Regardless, in June 2019, Vanderpump announced that she was done with RHOBH after spending nine seasons on the reality show. She did announce that the split was due to "puppy gate."

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