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Lisa Rinna's Model Daughter Amelia Gray Goes Topless For Self-Love Selfie

By Jeff Mazzeo

Amelia Gray is giving herself some much-needed attention.

The 18-year-old daughter of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" stars Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin shared a sultry selfie on Friday. Amelia wore flawless makeup and very little else as she covered her top with her shawl sleeved arm. She wore a cute gold necklace and showed off her well-manicured nails. The model low-key flexed on us because she has the newest iPhone with the three cameras. Amelia is trying to adjust to these crazy times but she seems to be feeling pretty good.

"Love yourself a little extra these days," she captioned her pic.

Scroll down to see her snap.

Fan Love


Her friends and fans sent her love in the comments section of her post and expressed their appreciation for the snap.

"gorgeous girl - on the inside and out 💋," a supportive follower wrote, while another said, "Quick question, how are you such an angel 😍🤍."

One of the model's designer friends was playfully planning out the star's next photo shoot.

"patiently awaiting hot photos of you in your terry set ☺️😍☺️😍😋," one follower commented before Amelia quickly responded, "omg gonna wear it all weekend don’t you worry!"

Confident And Owning It

The influencer recently opened up about how she has finally accepted her body and grown confident.

"I’ve never really been big on sexualizing myself," Amelia wrote on social media. "There are a lot of reasons behind that- but I really want to change that. I don’t think that it should be considered wrong, or shameful, for a woman to be confident with her inner beauty, and outer beauty. No matter what shape, size, or height. This is something that I have been so afraid of my whole life."

She continued her musing by explaining that she never felt comfortable with all the attention she would receive when she dressed provocatively but said there was no more shame.

"Now that I am confident in how my body has grown, though I wish I had always been, I don’t know why I wouldn’t accept it and own it. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself. Showing a little bit of skin shouldn’t define the person you truly are," she concluded.

Flipping Her At-Home Mindset


Amelia is struggling at home like the rest of us but she just had a "mindset shift" after a full month of being in the house. She took the time to pat herself on the back to continue her self-love/positive kick.

"Not sure why but I can't wait to wake up and do my workout. It's the best part of my day besides reading my book. The first time this whole month I'm actually looking forward to another day! Proud of my mindset shift."

Earlier this week she gave her followers a look at her "New routine" when she shared a pic of herself using a book to keep the sun out of her eyes.

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