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Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley are Not on the Same Page for Elvis Biopic

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By Natalie Hunter

Lisa Marie Presley and Priscilla have very different views when it comes to the biopic. Priscilla has been very involved with the creative process of the film. Lisa Marie is nervous that her involvement will draw focus on Priscilla and Elvis' controversial relationship since they met when Priscilla was only 14. Lisa Marie fears that due to the #MeToo movement, fans will view Elvis negatively and that the movie will be used to shame him instead of honor his legacy. "With today’s climate, Lisa Marie is concerned Luhrmann will exploit that relationship, and there’ll be a huge backlash against her dad," a source told Frame columnist A.J. Benza,.

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Priscilla, however, is more excited about the film. She has been given a hands-on role and is very involved with the creative process. "I have been involved with Baz," Priscilla told Us Weekly, "He has come to my home and he has been emailing me. In fact, we’re going to be having another lunch at my home. He’s keeping me on top of everything. It’s been wonderful. He is a genius." Lisa has tried to reach out to Priscilla and warn her not to reveal too many private details, but Priscilla has been giving her the cold shoulder. Luhrmann insists the film focus on a different controversial relationship: Elvis' relationship with his manager, Parker.

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The Elvis biopic is set to premiere in 2021 and follows the ongoing trend of legendary musician biopics like 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on Freddie Mercury and 'Rocketman' on Elton John. will be directed by Baz Luhrmann who won an Oscar for his producer credit for 'Moulin Rouge,' and is known for his work in 'The Great Gatsby,' 'Australia,' 'Romeo + Juliet,' and other period pieces. The cast includes 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' breakout star Austin Butler as Elvis, Tom Hanks as Elvis' manager, Parker, and Olivia DeJonge from 'The Visit' as Priscilla.

Luhrmann is on board with the casting and praises DeJonge, "Olivia is capable of manifesting the complex depth and presence that has made Priscilla Presley an icon in her own right. She’s an extremely talented young actor and the perfect counterpoint to Austin’s Elvis." Priscilla also approves of Tom Hank being cast as Parker. “Tom Hanks can pretty much capture anybody as far as his acting ability and how professional he is and how deep and deeply involved he gets with the character,” she told Us Weekly. “I’m extremely pleased. I think that it’ll be very good.”

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