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Lindsay Lohan Tells Haters She's Not Going Anywhere

By Ryan Naumann

Lindsay Lohan is getting personal with her fans and revealing details of her past.

The actress wrote a note on her social media describing her years living in Los Angeles. Lohan said the “mind numbing” and “vapid” experience inspired her new song “Xanax”.

She even had a note for her naysayers telling them she’s not going anywhere.

In the post Lohan wrote,” #Xanax i wrote this with @cyberalma because LOS ANGELES was mind numbing to me and I felt vapid. And she was my friend, she understood my thoughts of my past of being dragged through situations that I didn’t want to be in.”

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She continued, “Well, I am from cold spring harbor, ny, moved back and forth to NYC and my mother was from the bronx, strong woman and a beautiful person. We all have our faults and fake promises from different people. My parents have had their ups and downs, but, At the end of the day, your karma will define your future.”

Lohan then threw shade at her haters writing, “I don’t care about what anyone says. It has been my job to be there and be strong for my family. Maybe I have gotten frustrated, maybe I have failed to your opinions, what I know now is, I’m doing things so well and so right.”


The actress said, “I have a blessed heart as does my family. I’m too smart for my own good sometimes, robotic actually: say what you want to say about me and my loved ones. You will always fail. Take it or leave it. We ain’t going anywhere. Slow and steady wins the race. Love all, live with respect, gratitude, understanding and appreciation and you will live an honest life of truth.”

She also had advice for her fans, “Don’t let anyone cut you down. (This will be my album cover ft my sister Aliana) she’s the light of my life as are my brothers. I am blessed to feel safe enough to trust in those that love you so that you can shine 🦋 #cshdnalearningcenter”

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