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Lindsay Lohan Stands by Decision to 'Rescue' Child Refugees in Moscow

By TheBlast Staff

Lindsay Lohan knows she's catching major flack for a bizarre video of her confronting a family in Russia but the star believes she did the right thing and is not doubting that those children were in serious danger.

Sources very close to Lindsay Lohan tell The Blast she was making a genuine effort to rescue the two children in Moscow, who she believed to be Syrian refugees involved in child trafficking.

She also does not think the two adults with the children were the parents, which is why she not only tried to bring them to a safe hotel, but actually tried to grab the hand of one and ended up getting knocked to the ground by the woman.

For now, we're told Lohan is back in Paris, and although she is very shaken up over the incident, she is letting friends know she is safe.

The video, which has now been removed from her Instagram story, is being harshly criticized online. Many viewers have claimed it displays a sense of "white saviorism," while others claim it was just uncomfortable to watch.

Lohan, however, is brushing off the backlash because she witnessed the situation first-hand and is adamant the children were in danger and she was trying to do the right thing.

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