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Lindsay Lohan Strips Down to Her Birthday Suit On 33rd Bday

By Whitney Vasquez

Lindsay Lohan is showing fans a little more than usual, posting a nude selfie on the eve of her 33rd birthday.

The "Mean Girls" icon shared the NSFW pic on Monday, the night before she turned the double three.

Carefully making sure she's covered, Lohan slipped into absolutely nothing and posed in front of a giant mirror. Captioning the snap with just the birthday cake and bow emoji, the actress is clearly feeling herself as she heads into another year of life.

With her leg bent and covering her lower half, it's dangerously close to exposing her. Wearing diamond earrings, three gold bracelets and a giant rock, Lohan teases fans with the titillating photo.

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Giphy | MTV’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club

That's not the only risqué post Lohan shared on her birthday eve.

She's also bringing back her iconic "Do The Lilo" dance, but this time Lohan's doing it in her underwear.

Strutting her stuff in a white, button-down shirt and white undies, the MTV star cut loose by recreating the dance she made famous last summer in Mykonos.

Unfortunately for Lilo, she's getting mixed reviews from fans.

"What in the b spears is goin on here," one person commented. "Stop trying to make fetch happen," wrote another.

But not everyone is hating on the birthday girl, plenty are showing Lohan love too.

"Dancing queen vibrant trend setter sun setter legs iconic never the same hair flips rumors starting just a little bossy iconic moments spins twirls," said one supporter. "Ready for the LILO DANCES! DVD series," replied another.

Giphy | MTV’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club

Lindsay's birthday posts come just weeks after she walked away from her reality show.

Despite rumors the MTV show was cancelled, we're told it was Lilo's decision not to come back for another season after being asked to create fake drama.

Our sources say she felt like producers wanted her whole family involved (including mother Dina, sister Ali and brothers Michael Jr. and Dakota), which was never the plan.

As The Blast reported, Lohan also took issue with producers wanting to create drama and invent storylines, including asking her to film therapy sessions. Sources close to Lindsay tell us she feels her life is drama-free and has been for some time. Lindsay wants to make sure it stays that way and not participate in fake drama for television.

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