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Lindsay Lohan's Sunburn Sparks Red Hot Ginger War

By TheBlast Staff

Lindsay Lohan was just trying to share her vibes with fans, but no good deed goes unpunished as her comments quickly erupted into a ginger battleground with LiLo caught in the middle.

The star of MTV's "Lindsay Lohan Beach Club" posted a shot Thursday of herself after basking in the Maldives sun, and fans were quick to point out the star's fair skin had become quite red.

"Girllllll ain’t no one ever made u listen to that sunscreen song from like 1999?!?!?" one user quipped, while another said, "Classic ginger. Acting like you're stronger than the sun."

Redhead nation didn't take too kindly to the anti-ginger talk, and soon defenders began responding with comments like, "Ginger’s can have fun in the sun too bitches!"

One ginger in particular tried a more positive approach and tried to level with Lohan by explaining, "Sunscreen honey...we gingers will burn & develops skin cancer easily. I went through it in 2017. Protect that beauty love. Anyways love the dress, hope you're having fun."

Lohan hasn't responded to any of the criticism or support ... probably because she's enjoying her life in the Maldives.


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