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Lindsay Lohan Gets 'Personal' On Instagram With Lacy Undies Pic

By Jeff Mazzeo

Lindsay Lohan is reflecting on everything that is behind her!

The actress shared a cheeky pic with her millions of fans that featured the fiery redhead doing her makeup in a mirror. Did we forget to mention that she WASN'T WEARING ANY PANTS?!!! That's right, Lilo blessed our timelines with a bootiful bounty and let's just say she had lots of support.

"😉 let’s get personal," Lindsay wrote in the caption of her post.

Lohan recently said that she plans to return to the United States but we are not sure if she is full-back... but we know her underwear is (sorry, bad joke)!

Check out the pic below.

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Those Look... Comfy!


Delivering compelling content? Lilo's got that covered and her followers got a kick from her knickers.

"They look like comfy undies 😍🩲," one fan pointed out in the comments section of Lindsay's post.

Another funny follower wrote, "You crack me up. 👍" while a different user said, "❤️ 2020 Lindsay."

One specific fan seemed worried about the photo and alerted Lohan that she was missing part of her outfit. "You forgot your pants! 😱😆" they declared.

This Ain't Her First Thirst Trap


Lilo knows how to play the game and she is turning into one of the best by teasing fans as she gets prepared to concur the country all over again. The "Mean Girls" star shared a red hot photo of herself sprawled out on the floor in heels, tight daisy dukes, and a pinstriped top.

The fans are definitely digging her resurgence as a major player on Instagram and many expressed that they want to see her back on the big screen.

"You are so Beautiful!. I would like to see you acting again. My favorite is Patent[sic] Trap. I could watch it over and over," one hopeful fan said.

The possibility may become a reality based on what the star recently told Variety.

She's Not Bad, She's Just Drawn That Way


Lilo seemed to get a little perturbed at some of the hard-hitting questions that the Variety interviewer asked... at least that's how it came across in text. She got real when talking about her past and said that she is not going to let those "mistakes" define her future.

"I think there’s a misconception that people still have about me, and I think it’s unfortunate. Hopefully, this will change people’s perception once and for all," she told Variety when they asked why she is not getting any roles.

She is gearing up for a big return to acting in 2020 but this time she is going to do it her way.

"I love acting. It’s my passion. But I like being behind the scenes. If I’m not filming at the moment, I need to be creative somehow. I can’t just sit and do nothing," Lohan explained. "If I’m not on a set, then I’d rather do something, so I started my own company — Seven Wonders Prods. — and I like that it’s just mine and that I don’t have to answer to people anymore. I can just do it myself. It’s nice to have that power back. I want to keep acting and maybe directing."

We love ya, Lilo! Can't wait to see what this year has in store for you.

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