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Lil Wayne’s New GF Denise Bidot Claps Back At Hater That Says She Betrayed His Ex-Fiance

By Jeff Mazzeo

Lil Wayne’s new girlfriend, Denise Bidot, will not let anyone rain on her parade!

The stunning model was feeling positive vibes on Wednesday. Bidot shared two fantastic pics that featured her chilling in jean short shorts and a tiny top. The model was having fun in the sun on a swanky balcony in the Hollywood Hills but didn’t hesitate to put a troll in their place after they claimed she did the rapper’s ex-fiance, LaTecia Thomas, dirty.

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Haters Gonna Hate


"VIBES ✨,” Denise captioned her cute pics.

It didn’t take long before a hater tried to inject a little negativity into the situation.

"Denise how u gonna play another plus size sister like that? Is lil Wayne really worth it? Insane,” the disgruntled follower commented.

"don't know her . Do you go into your relationship worried about someone's ex? Sorry girl no need to try and shame me, I'm happy,” she quickly replied.

She said it best, she's happy and if Weezy is happy too, more power to them. Live your best life, Denise!

Going IG Official


Lil Wayne just went Instagram official with Bidot on Monday. The move caused concern because his fans have never seen him announce his relationship on social media before. He certainly didn’t do it when he got engaged to LaTecia.

Wayne posted a sultry snap of Denise and simply captioned it, "All..." Bidot quickly responded and said, "Yours...✨❤️😘."

Fans also found it strange that he allowed Denise to share some pics of the duo kissing to her IG story last week. "Somehow in the middle of all the madness, something special happened. Us," she wrote across the smooch pics.

She's All About The Insta-BF Claim


Wayne only did one post about Denise but Denise seems to love posting about her new relationship and is letting out all her feels. Earlier this week, she shared a sultry selfie video to her IG story and wrote, "Birds always singing when I think of him."

As we previously mentioned, Weezy has never been cool with his girlfriends publicly declaring their love for him. That tells us one of two things but we are choosing to believe that Wayne is smitten and ready to be more open about his personal life.

Fans Saw The Break Up Signs


Fans started to get the picture that Weezy and Thomas had split when she popped up on Instagram without the giant ring she was sporting before.

While the ring may be easy to remove, the matching tattoos that they got will be a little harder to get rid of. Wayne got a stick of dynamite on his face while LaTecia got a bomb tattoo on her finger. Hey, a stick of dynamite is better than having Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. inked on you!

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