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Lil Wayne: I Was Saved By A 'White Cop' Named 'Uncle Bob' -- Hear The Incredible Story!

Gettyimages | Erika Goldring
By Mike Walters

Rapper Lil Wayne has a complicated view on racism and police brutality, and recently shared several stories on his radio show, to explain his position. One of them deals with how his life was actually saved by a 'white cop' named 'Uncle Bob.'

Lil Wayne took to his radio show to explain his unique position after being judged on his previous statements about the killing of George Floyd.

"We have to stop placing the blame on the whole force and the whole everybody or a certain race or everybody with a badge," he said previously.

Weezy explained his stance on a recent broadcast of his radio show, where he explained to fans how his life was saved by a white police officer.

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'My Life Was Saved By A White Cop. Uncle Bob.'

"My life was saved when I was young. ... Shot myself. My life was saved by a white cop. Uncle Bob," Wayne recalled.

He continued, "So from, therefore, you have to understand the way I view police, period. ... There was a bunch of black cops that jumped over me by that door with that hole in my chest. He refused to."

As many of Wayne's die-hard fans are aware, the legendary rapper accidentally shot himself in the chest when he was 12-years-old. At the time, a deputy responding to the call Robert Hoobler, assisted the injured rapper and helped rush him to a nearby hospital.

Lil Wayne Explains Other Negative Interactions With Police As A Kid

Interestingly, according to reports, the same deputy was fired from Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department after a tasing incident. The officer allegedly used racial slurs and 'unlawfully' tased him multiple times. It was reported, the incident was so egregious the Sheriff at the time considered filing criminal charges.

Lil Wayne also explained to his audience the different types of interactions he has had with police in his lifetime, including other events in his childhood.

"I'm from New Orleans, 17th, Hollygrove," Wayne explained.

He contiuned, "We have a thing called 'Jump out boys.' Uptown New Orleans. That's the police. They pull up on you they already got they door cracked. ... So many of them jump out. They ain't coming after you to ask you 'How you doing? What's your name? And how's your day?'"

Hear The Incredible Story...

The rapper also revealed a recent story involving an incident inside of his private jet. At the time, he claimed a white pilot spoke rudely to him, and had cops waiting for him on the tarmac when the plane landed.

"Understand that I go through situations too. We all got our situations. Don't judge no one for no reason. Don't judge. Do you. ... Help out in any way that you can. We can only win it together," Wayne said.

Hear The Incredible Story...

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