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Lil Wayne's Lawyer Sues Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant Accusing Them of Conspiring to Get Him Fired

By TheBlast Staff

Lil Wayne is at the center of a new lawsuit with his former lawyer accusing Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant of conspiring together to get him fired, allegedly motivated by nothing but greed.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Wayne's former lawyer, Ronald Sweeney, has filed suit against Mack Maine (real name Jermaine Preyan) and Cortez Bryant (the rapper’s manager).

Sweeney claims he worked with Lil Wayne for nearly 14 years and provided around-the-clock services to the rapper for 10% of the income of the deals he worked on. He believes he helped Wayne and his businesses generate tens — if not hundreds — of millions of dollars over time.

The lawyer claims he became Wayne's protector from his record label, personal managers, other unsavory and unethical professionals, Wayne's childhood friends and even "from Lil Wayne himself."

He says despite all this, in September 2018, "Lil Wayne was induced to terminate his relationship with Sweeney based on false and misleading allegations by Mack and Cortez, both childhood friends of Lil Wayne. Mack and Cortez falsely told Lil Wayne, among other things, that Sweeney was improperly collecting fees to which he was not entitled and that the 10% fee Sweeney charged was exorbitant and against Lil Wayne’s best interests."

Sweeney accuses the two of a conspiracy that was motivated by greed and a desire to collect for themselves the money Sweeney was collecting for his work with Wayne.

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In the lawsuit, Sweeney claims Wayne told him to fire Cortez because he believed his company had been trying to collect more of Drake's royalties than he was owed. He says after that, Cortez conspired with Mack to "drive a wedge between Lil Wayne and Sweeney" by making false and misleading statement to Wayne about Sweeney. He says their goal was to get him out of the picture completely.

Sweeney accuses Maine and Bryant of ruining his relationship with Wayne, along with causing him to have to defend himself in the $20 million lawsuit brought against him by the rapper.

Sweeney is suing for defamation and seeking unspecified damages for the millions he believes he lost out from future Wayne commissions.

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