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Lil Wayne's Alleged Fiancé Shows Off Matching Tattoo After Special Shout Out On New Album 'Funeral'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Lil Wayne and his alleged fiancé, Australian model La'Tecia Thomas seem pretty damn committed to each other!

Weezy and Thomas have marked their bodies with matching ink and he specially mentioned her on the song, "Stop Playin With Me" from the new album, "Funeral." They both got a stick of dynamite tattooed on them but while he got one on his face and she opted to get it on her finger. The popular fansite, Lil Wayne HQ was the first to notice the matching tatts and La'Tecia showed off her tiny dynamite tattoo in a stunning set of glamor shots on her Instagram. She gave a subtle shout out to the rapper in the caption of her gorgeous photoshoot.

"And... the F is for Funeral Wearing @amurofficial," Thomas wrote.

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His Bomb Face Tattoo


We made this joke already but it's still funny. Weezy had some bomb face tattoos before but now he literally has a bomb face tattoo. His fiancé? Well, she's just the bomb in every way imaginable.

The rapper revealed his new ink a few months ago at a club in Miami but high-quality pics surfaced online that gave Weezy's fans their first look at what he put on his mug. He already had a lot of ink on his face but the fact that his alleged fiancé is sporting a similar one makes it more interesting.

Swipe Lil Wayne HQ's Instagram post below to compare their two tatts.

Wayne's Shout Out To La'Tecia on 'Funeral'


It must be serious because Weezy doesn't give a shout out to just anyone. As we previously mentioned, Wayne mentioned Thomas in the song, "Stop Playin With Me." The first lyrics on the track are about her.

"Ooh, I got a plus-sized model But she my lil' mama I make her bust it open for me like a piñata And as the world turns, she was my spin doctor"

On the track, "Not Me" Wayne seems to confirm that they are truly engaged or at least real close.

"You know wifey from Australia, she said, "Cheers, mate" Then we toast and see how you n****s' tears taste"

Hopefully, our wedding invitation is in the mail.

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