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Lil Tay Allegedly Ordered Into Father's Custody, Seen Crying in Video After Missing from Social Media

By TheBlast Staff

Lil Tay, who exploded with internet fame earlier this year and then vanished, has allegedly been living with her father in Canada, and the implication is that Tay's mother has lost custody of the infamous child.

Someone who claims to have previously worked with Lil Tay has assumed control of her previously inactive Instagram page and posted a series of messages explaining why she suddenly went silent in June.

The IG post claims a man named Christopher John Hope, who is allegedly Tay's father, "handed her a court order forcing her to go to his home in Canada."

According to the post, Tay's father took her off social media, and also threatened to have her mother arrested if she did not comply with the supposed order.

The post also claims that Tay's father has a history of abuse, but that has not been verified. Along with the explanation, there were two videos posted, one which appears to show Tay in tears as she sits in a car while a group of people try to console her.

It's currently unclear if these allegations are true, but it would explain why the 9-year-old vanished after a very controversial bout of fame. As we've previously reported, Lil Tay considered herself the youngest flexer of the century, but was soon exposed as a fraud.

Tay's mother, Angela, even lost her job after it was revealed she was using her boss' car on Tay's IG videos.

The newest post, if true, paints an unfortunately tumultuous situation for the young girl. It's also unclear, if her father did get a court order for custody, that it didn't have to do with protecting his daughter from further exploitation online.

The anonymous poster on Tay's account is attempting to rally her fans to #FreeLilTay. Tay herself has yet to speak on the situation, but at the time this story published, the posts on the young star's account are still active.

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