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Lil Tay's Father Sends Cease & Desist to Instagram After Receiving Death Threats

By TheBlast Staff

Lil Tay's father is taking quick action against the allegations made on her Instagram account, and believes Tay's brother has taken control of her social media to deliver "death threats."

According to a cease and desist sent to Instagram, and obtained by The Blast, Chris Hope claims Lil Tay's brother, Jason Tian, has assumed control of her social media accounts and has "encouraged others" to "conduct criminal extortion and harassment."

Hope, who is an attorney in Canada, says he has a court order giving him ultimate power in legal decisions for his 11-year-old daughter, whose real name is Claire.

Lil Tay

He says the posts put up by Tian have resulted in "threats, including death threats and other threats of bodily harm against myself."

The Blast also spoke to a rep who works with Lil Tay on her music campaign Chris Jones "The Promoter," and he confirms that her IG account has been hacked for the second time.

The cease and desist is making it clear that Instagram is currently a party to the "outrageously defamatory" threats, and that if they don't remove the postings they could be held legally responsible.

As we reported, Tay's IG account fired up over the weekend, and an anonymous person claimed Tay was ordered into the custody of her father. The poster also claimed that Chris Hope and his current wife are abusive, and are putting Tay's life in danger.

It appears the letter may have worked, because some of the videos and allegation regarding Chris have already started to come down off Tay's IG page.

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