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The 'Brains' Behind Lil Tay Reveals Method to Her Madness, Longterm Plans

By TheBlast Staff

Lil Tay may appear to be screaming nonsense about being the youngest flexer of the century on Instagram, but she's actually following a strategized plan by a team focused on the 9-year-old's journey to stardom.

The Blast spoke with Alex Loyalty, a consultant who serves as the strategist for Tay's quest for fame. He said, "From the surface it’s easy for the average viewer, reader or observer to make the wrong assumptions about Lil Tay but what they fail to realize is that the independent artist Lil Tay can be compared to any other youth artist or entertainer in the entertainment industry," says Alex.

Alex says Tay's already way ahead of her time, and that "She's able to have a greater influence over her content because she promotes herself within her own platform rather than have her exact natural persona written up in a script, hired by a talent agency and placed in a television show or movie."

We do have to call B.S. on that statement though, because a recent viral video literally shows Tay reading from a script. But we digress.

As far as Tay’s aggressive persona online, we’re told things behind-the-scenes are far more supervised and controlled than is let on to fans.

For instance, when Tay joined fellow IG celebrity Woah Vicky to rumble with Bhad Bhabie at a mall, Alex says it was originally supposed to be a positive meeting about possible collaborations. We're told even though it appeared chaos had broken out, Lil Tay was "safe at all times and in the presence of guardians, security and support."

Tay’s rep insists that, despite all evidence to the contrary, the 9-year-old has constant supervision, is currently receiving an education and (to his knowledge) has never been contacted by officials from Child Protective Services.

As for those who bash Lil Tay online for already getting caught flexing with fake swag, Alex believes the public backlash is all rooted in people not understanding her IG fame, especially since the digital influencer market is still being developed and "most consumers have yet to make the clear connection between the platform Lil Tay chooses to use and conservative television and movies."

So what's her plan for the immediate future? Alex says Tay's current focus is "continuing to create motivating and entertaining content," claiming she has "received hundreds of thousands of dollars in brand deal offers and even offers to appear in general youth entertainment."

We're told some of the celebs hitting up Tay to collaborate include Jake Paul, Hanna Stocking, 6ix9ine, Chief Keef, Rich The Kid and Blac Youngsta.

Alex wouldn't elaborate on the specific projects Tay is interested in, but assures us that she will continue flexing on all of us.

Even if it's just for show.

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