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Lil Pump Can Count Stacks, But Not How Many Watches He Bought

By TheBlast Staff

If you ever need to know the time, just ask Lil Pump. Just don't ask him how many watches he's wearing, because the hip-hop star has no clue.

The "Gucci Gang" rapper was showing off his new iced out timepieces for a hype video when he hit a predicament: Just how many watches was he wearing?

Let's see if we can work this out together. Pump says he was already in possession of three "bust downs," but after waking up he was bored and decided to purchase two more.

So if we combine the two new "bust downs" he acquired with the "bust downs" already owned, then he has ... too much money.

Free Advice: Sell a "bust down," get a tutor.

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