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Lil Pump is a Real Pisser, Urinates On British Banknotes While in London

By TheBlast Staff

Lil Pump is taking in the culture while out touring in Europe, and then peeing all over it.

The "I Love It" singer was in London and threw down his "PISS ON A HUNNID BANDZ CHALLENGE," which sounds exactly like you think it does. Because the hip-hop star is in the UK, he threw down what appeared to be £100,000 in banknotes and proceeded to urinate on the currency, which bares the face of the Queen of England.

Lil Pump enjoys pissing his cash away, but he isn't about to destroy it, so after he relieved himself he was forced to pick up all the money.

Later in the day it appears he hopped over to Amsterdam to to partake in some local greenery, and ended by going full Dark Side with a Darth Vader tattoo.

It's unclear if he paid for the "Star Wars" ink with cash.

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