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Lil Pump Told Cops 'Three Black Men' Tried to Break Into Home, Cops Didn't Buy It

By TheBlast Staff

Lil Pump told cops "three Black men" were trying to break into his home and fired a bullet through his door, but cops were suspicious of his story from the beginning, and found it to be complete BS.

Law enforcement sources tell The Blast they responded to Pump's home Wednesday at 4:20PM with full "lights and siren," including a helicopter after it was reported that a burglary was in progress. When they showed up there was no burglary going on, but they did find Pump smoking weed inside the residence.

Cops say Pump told them "three Black men" tried to force their way into his 3rd floor apartment, but cops quickly determined his story was "made up." They analyzed the gunshot through the door and realized the shot had come from the inside not the outside as Pump had claimed. Pump had claimed the "three black men" fired a shot through his door from the outside.

Detectives obtained a search warrant and returned to seize marijuana and evidence of a firearm. We're told they recovered a .380- Glock handgun in the bushes below the balcony of Pump's apartment.

As we previously reported, Pump was arrested and booked into a juvenile detention center. He was charged with discharging a firearm inside a dwelling.

Pump's mother is also facing a big problem, because now she's under investigation by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services facing charges of child endangerment for leaving an unsecured firearm in a residence with a minor.

Cops also seized all Pump's weed, because he's under 21 and cannot legally possess cannabis.

Pump has since been released from lockup, and is under house arrest wearing an ankle bracelet.

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