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Lil Peep's Managers Deny Being Responsible For Late Rapper Death In Wrongful Death Legal Battle

By Ryan Naumann

Lil Peep’s managers are denying responsibility for the late rapper’s death in the lawsuit brought by his mother Liza Womack.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, First Access Entertainment is responding to allegations they supplied Peep (real name: Gustav Ahr) with drugs and pushed him to perform, which his mother believes lead to his death.

In court docs, Peep’s former managers argue they cannot be held liable “for her adult son’s risky behavior and unfortunate but self-inflicted demise.”

They add, “Mr. Ahr cannot be deemed a helpless child in the eyes of the law. He was an adult. He co-owned and co-controlled the Joint Venture. This included his tour. Just as universities have little control over off-campus social activities, the FAE entities did not control or have the right to control Mr. Ahr’s personal life, including his drug use. The policy of preventing future harm factor weighs against imposing a duty, too. Mr. Ahr was an adult. He chose to take the drugs that killed him. Arm’s length business associates should not be strapped with a duty to protect each other from self-inflicted harm.”

The case is ongoing.

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Back in October, Lil Peep’s mother sued First Access Entertainment accusing them of playing a role in his death.

The lawsuit claimed his management team and tour company supplied Lil Peep with drugs on his tour and overworked him, which she believes lead to his tragic death.

Womack said his management allowed Lil Peep to use drugs during his tour and even encouraged it. She claims her son was once gifted a bottle of pills by one of his managers at a celebration dinner.


The suit claimed Peep’s drug use continued to worsen over time. She believes his management and those around him were supplying him with Xanax, Ketamine and a variety of other drugs while on tour.

She accused his management team of allowing him to perform while in a drug-induced state. She claims Peep repeatedly asked his managers to end the tour. He reportedly was physically and emotionally drained. Womack says the managers choose to push him to continue and plied him with more drugs.

Womack says one of his managers, Belinda Mercer, advised Peep to take a “excessive amount of Xanax” to get him sick. Mercer allegedly believed Peep getting sick would allow him to cancel and have insurance cover the cancellation costs.

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