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Lil Nas X Parties Backstage With Katy Perry and Jeff Bezos

By Ryan Naumann

Lil Nas X had a better Tuesday night than everyone else, because he got to hang out with Katy Perry and billionaire Jeff Bezos.

The 20-year-old rapper posted a series of photos backstage with Perry and Bezos. Perry and Lil Nas X were both performing at a concert for Amazon employees in Seattle.

He captioned the post, “i am the now the new owner of amazon and i stole katy perry’s dog”

Perry commented, “Never forget when our buddy Jeff borrowed your coat.”

At one point during the night, Bezos took off Lil Nas X’s black designer jacket and ran around while wearing the gear.

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Perry shared her own backstage photos saying, “I’m having the PRIME of my life"

During the concert, Perry even debuted the first live performance of her new song, “Never Really Over”.


Bezos took the stage during the post-Prime Day Amazon concert and told the employees he was “in awe” of what they all did. He described remembering driving to the post office to deliver packages when he first launched Amazon. He then went on to thank the crowd for their hard work.

Bezos even took to social media saying, “I had some fun with @LilNasX and @KatyPerry backstage.”


Lil Nas X is having quite the week after seeing his “Old Town Road” song finally get dethroned on the Top 200 Billboard Chart.

Billie Eilish earned her first No. 1 single on the Hot 100 chart with “Bad Guy," officially dethroning Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus‘ summer hit “Old Town Road” after 19 weeks.

The rapper was not upset and even wrote, “congratulations to billie eilish!! u deserve this!!”

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