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Lil Boosie Begs Instagram Fans To Help Him Rent A 'White Goat' For His Music Video!

By Mike Walters

Lil Boosie has decided to go back to the well and asking his Instagram fans for things he desperately needs in his life, this time is begging anyone online to help him score a 'white goat' in Atlanta ASAP! Yes, like the animal!

Boosie Badazz posted the photo message on Instagram today, which simply read, "Need a white goat in ATL ASAP" he captioned the photo pushing the point of, "ASAP" and added two people to content if you have one! (@1saturdays @quavo_badazz__g}

Now, this would seem odd considering Boosie is one of the most famous rappers on the planet -- but desperate time calls for desperate measures, and you can't just rent a goat as easily as you could a few months ago.

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See The 'Get Me A Goat' Message!


Plus, as we reported, Boosie was in dire need of diabetes medication last week, and when he asked Instagram for help -- his fans delivered right away!

Lil Boosie's fans were just as confused and were trying to make sure he actually wanted a real goat. "A white goat for his music video...?" one person asked.

"An actual white goat?" another said. Adding, "Like a white goat? The animal?"

Now, in his defense, Lil Boosie has a hit record out called, "Goat Talk" and the cover of the track features two actual goats -- so it seems obvious he may feature a few in his music video.

Boosie Fans Are Super Confused...A Goat, Like The Animal??

Gettyimages | Lubo Ivanko

The best part, is fans have already started sending him directions to places in Atlanta to pick up a goat! "Memorial they got that goat farm at that house wit the gate on the corner if goin down memorial jail gone be on your left keep goin couple miles the house gone be on the right," one fan posted.

As we said, Boosie was able to score a diabetes medication last week, just by asking his Instagram audience to hook him up while he was in Florida.

Woman Wins $10,000 After Delivering Him Diabetes Medication After He Asks On IG!


Plus, a special fan was given one of the greatest gifts ever after she drove three hours to deliver the rapper an insulin pen that he desperately needed.

As we reported, Boosie attempted to give the woman money for delivering the medication but she refused. But, when she left the location to drive back the 3 hours to home, she won $10,000 dollars on a scratcher near the location!!!

Badazz posted a video on Instagram later that day saying it was a gift from God for the woman for being such a great soul.

In other words, go get Boosie a GOAT! ASAP!

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