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Michael Bay Helped Will Smith Kidnap Lewis Hamilton Before Abu Dhabi GP

By TheBlast Staff


11:25 AM PT: If you were wondering why that "hostage" video of Lewis Hamilton being kidnapped by Will Smith looked so professionally shot, it's because it was directed by Michael Bay!

A rep for F1 tells The Blast the "Transformers" director was attending the race and noticed Smith and Hamilton in a nearby garage and decided to take over camera duties.

That shot actually cost $25 million. Just kidding, but there's no doubt Bay wanted to add way more explosions.

Will Smith went full "Single White Female" on Lewis Hamilton before the F1 driver's big race in Abu Dhabi.

Smith revealed that he held Hamilton hostage by taping him to a chair and slipping into the championship driver's tracksuit. He said that driving Formula One was a "Once in a lifetime opportunity" that he could not pass up.

The "Bright" star had a pretty simple plan, "You're black, I'm black ... ain't nobody gonna know the difference," adding that Hamilton has won so many championships already, that he needs to "save something for other people."

Hamilton struggled to get out before telling Smith he better win if he's going to take the wheel. The two stars have developed a great friendship, and have been actively messing around on each other's social media.

Luckily for Hamilton, he was able to break free and made it to the track in time to win the Grand Prix, which was also his 11th win of the season.



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