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911 Call at LeSean McCoy House, Ex-GF Says 'I'm Bleeding Everywhere!'

By TheBlast Staff

Delicia Cordon was frantically searching for the whereabouts of her son as she was on the phone with 911, and told the emergency dispatcher she was bleeding all over the place after her face was "demolished."

According to the 911 call obtained by The Blast, the ex-GF of LeSean McCoy described the physical attributes of her son to a 911 operator moments after she was brutally assaulted. She also describes the suspect as a"little guy" dressed in "all black."

Later, it was revealed that Cordon's 16-year-old son was unharmed and traveling home from a night out via Uber.

Cordon sounds incredibly distraught in the audio, and tells the operator she was "beaten in the face," and exclaims, "I'm bleeding everywhere!"

The 911 operator tries to console Cordon and talk to her while officials arrive, and is told, "my face is demolished."

Cordon's cousin is heard in the audio claiming the suspect left the house through the front door to avoid being seen on camera. She also believes there was a getaway car waiting for the man.

During the call, Cordon refused to go outside in fear of McCoy seeing her on the home security cameras, saying, "Ma’am I have cameras all outside my house and my boyfriend, who I feel like did this, who set me up, is going to see us on the cameras outside."

She also claims McCoy "wants all his jewelry out."

As we reported, Cordon told officials she was put into the bathroom after the attack and that she also believes her NFL star ex-BF had something to do with the attack.

For his part, McCoy previously told police he was worried Cordon's allegations would jeopardize his NFL career.

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