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Leonardo DiCaprio’s 22-Year-Old Girlfriend Camila Morrone Fired Back At Age-Gap Haters

Flickr | myumyunaliev95
By Clark Sparky

Camila Morrone has spent the last few days defending her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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DiCaprio, who is 44 years-old, has been dating model Morrone since December 2017, although the two weren't serious until last summer. She 22 years younger than him, and that age gap has become the focus of criticism recently.

It started when Morrone made an Instagram post of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, who were 25 years apart, with the caption, "A love like this."

The post was flooded with negative comments about her age relative to DiCaprio's:

“Lol yeah that’s her icon because Lauren liked her men 25 years older, famous and ultra rich just like Camila likes her Leonardo.”

“Life experiences and expectations with such a large age group is impossible to match…..typically the elder is in it for sex and the younger for money and fame.”

Morrone finally had enough and recorded a video which she posted to her Instagram Story:

“I just read some of the comments on my Instagram and, my God, people are so mean and, like, full of anger with people that they know nothing about. Uh, I guess I just hope on this Friday that people learn to, uh, live with a little less hatred and place their time and interest elsewhere. Because living without hatred feels pretty good.”

Earlier this month, Morrone post a photo of herself to Instagram with the caption, "I shoulda been born in the 60s." Many are taking that to be a subtle jab at her critics. Of course, that would make her older than DiCaprio, which would undoubtably bring out its own set of haters.

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