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Lena Dunham Gets Inked With a Sick Tattoo ... Literally

By TheBlast Staff

Lena Dunham just permanently labeled herself as, "sick."

The former "Girls" star showed off her new neck tattoo with the four letters stylized to look like a rope. Despite the usual connotation of the word, Dunham actually revealed the ink has a meaning of empowerment.

"Sometimes the thing you’re most scared of being called is the best thing you can call yourself," she wrote. Thanking her tattoo artist for "labeling" her, she then gave a shout out to her "sisters in this dizzying but starry slog."

Obviously, fans have strong, and mixed feelings about Dunham's reasoning behind the new tattoo.

"I wonder if stamping it on means mentally never believing things can be different," one person wrote. "You are what you think you are- if you think of yourself as sick, you’ll always be," said another.

Others are praising Dunham for the decision, with many commenting with the praise emoji and some writing things like: "Completely obsessed with this, and you," "That’s sick" and "Right there with you girl."

Dunham is a fan of body art, as she also has a jewelry piece under her chest, "Staunch" written on her thigh, a pill and rosary on her ankle and about 20+ others.


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